My Baby Is Getting Sick From Mold In Her Room

Household mold can grow in any environment, whether in wet or dry climates. It only requires water seepage for mold infestation to take hold around or within a building. It reproduces and spreads through mold spores. The mold spores will continuously drift through the air and finally attach to anything eatable and moist. Such places where mold can grow and multiply include paper, food, carpet, and wood. It may also land on shoes, paper, and clothing.

It is essential to discuss the effects it has on people especially the infants, how to remove it, and how to prevent it. Household mold causes illness in the human body. Healthy people can recover from this illness, however, individuals who have a weaker immune system such as the elderly and infants, they can suffer long-term effects. Babies are notably more sensitive to all types of mold and once exposed it causes severe and long-term effects.

Effects of mold on babies

The immune system of a baby is still developing; therefore, making it susceptible to the effects of mold. The toxin produced by the mold makes an infant to inhibit several effects. Some of this effects include;

Lung problems

The respiratory system of the infant is immature. With this, its body cannot get rid of the toxins released by the mold. Presence of mold in the respiratory system leads to wheezing and other respiratory illness.

Rashrash from mold exposure

Once the infant gets exposed to mold, the skin develops irritations. The rashes appear as red and bumpy spots on the skin. The rash can also be painful

Gastrointestinal problems

Some of the issues that the infant can experience may include vomiting and nausea. An infant may also refuse to eat once exposed to the mold. Other effects can be abdominal pain and diarrhea.

Removing the mold in baby’s room

The first step for eliminating mold is knowing where to find it. Mold feeds on organic matter and requires a moist environment to reproduce and grow. Some of these areas include;

  • Ductwork and pipes
  • Air conditioning systems
  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Laundry rooms
  • Basements

Now, you can proceed by removing the mold by following these steps:

Measure the infested area: If the area plagued by mold is less than ten square feet, then you can do it yourself. Areas larger than that then reach out to a professional to help you.

Suit up: Mold is infectious to the skin; therefore ensure you put on safety attires. These include rubber gloves, gumboots, and eye protection. The rubber gloves should be long enough to reach mid-way of your forearm. The eye protection you choose should be without ventilation. You will also be dealing with chemicals; therefore putting on safety attires will help you to protect yourself from chemical splashes.

Substances and chemicals to use: Areas with the mild infestation of mold scrub with detergent and warm water. For more severe areas, take one cup of bleach and add it to a gallon of water. Be careful not to mix cleaning products with bleach as the mixture releases toxic gases.

Dry the area thoroughly: Moisture is the best friend of mold. Therefore, after you are done with scrubbing the area with detergent and water, ensure thoroughly dry the area. Ensure sunlight reaches the area that you have cleaned. Also, open up the windows and turn the fans on to enhance ventilation. By drying the area, you will also be preventing recurrence of mold in that area.

Paint or caulk the area: It is the last step when removing the mold. Before painting the area, ensure it is clean and dry. The paint is essential in preventing recurrence of the mold

After the clean up, it is advisable to search for a really good air purifier for mold that can help keep the room mold free and cut down on the amount of work you need to perform to clean the room each month.

Some materials can be difficult for you to remove the mold. Such materials can be carpets or porous surfaces. If you suspect mold in any of these areas, throw them out as it is virtually impossible for the mold.
There are also ways you can use to prevent mold infestation from reaching your baby room. The general rule for avoiding mold infestation is removing any source of water or moisture. Some of the areas to address include;

  • Plumbing leaks: Examine all the pipes to ensure there are no leaks. In case you find any leak, insulate it.
  • Use air conditioners: Air conditioners can also help to prevent circulation of mold spores in the air by capturing all its particles.
  • Control indoor humidity: Use dehumidifiers as they will help to keep the humidity in the room below fifty percent. The moisture meter will also help you to monitor the moisture and keep it low.
  • Vent all gas appliances: Ensure the fireplaces and gas and kerosene heaters are adequately vented from the outside. It also reduces the amount of moisture in the air.
  • Ventilate the bathroom: The bathroom is full of moisture; therefore, ensure it is well ventilated and let it dry properly after taking a bath.

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