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The cutest of all the diapers - the newborn!

You know what the cutest thing on Earth is?  A cloth diaper that fits in the palm of your hand.  Newborn cloth diapers will make your ovaries just ache for a squish if one isn’t already on the way.  The patterns and overall tininess of them are just too adorable for words.  

I admire first time moms who acquire a newborn stash AND use it. Becoming a mother is such an indescribable, life-changing event, it’s easy to see how cloth diapering could go by the wayside in those beginning weeks.  That being said, a newborn stash is well worth it so that you can cloth from the get go for a number of reasons:

  1. more likely to fit during the squish stage - even though some sized and one-size diapers have a starting pound minimum (6 lbs for Thirsties Size 1), they usually don’t have the considerable “chunk” needed to fill out those diapers.
  2. newborn snap downs/cut-outs - some umbilical cord stumps can stay on for 2 weeks (read: MY CHILDREN), so this is an important feature to many parents to prevent any injury to that sensitive area
  3. resale - since these diapers are not used too long and have a large rotation (you’ll need AT LEAST 24 diapers), they maintain most of their value.  

You will want a well-rounded newborn stash of various styles because every child is different - what fits one babe won’t fit another, not to mention your baby could be the heavy wetter and blow out champion.  Prefolds/flats and covers are a bulky, but popular option because of their affordability and ease of laundering.  Fitteds, although they need covers to be waterproof, are great for increased absorbency, and they’re a bit more “friendly” than folding up prefolds/flats since they have snaps, hook and loop, or just require a fastener.  

(pictured right - KaWaii Little Green Bamboo Baby)     

Newborn AIOs and pocket diapers are definitely easiest options to use, but they aren’t without faults.  When you and your partner are operating on an hour’s worth of sleep, and your newborn is screaming at the top of their lungs, these diapers go on quick, just like a disposable would.  You just have to weigh that convenience against little ability to increase absorbency, longer drying times, and stuffing diapers.  

 (pictured left - Thirsties NB AIO)

For comparison, my newborn stash consists of: 6 pockets, 12 AIOs, 16 fitteds, and 3 covers.  

Cleaning newborn diapers are probably the EASIEST of all diaper laundry.  You use them in nearly the same way you would use a disposable, except you don’t throw them out. You simply put the diaper under your child and either snap or attach the fasteners in place. In diapers with semi attached soakers, you can fold the soakers to put more absorbency where you need it. Once the diaper becomes soiled, you remove the diaper and if the diaper is a hook-and-loop diaper, then you will want to attach the fasteners to the laundry tabs.  Exclusively breastfed (EBF) and formula-fed (FF) babies poo is completely water soluble, so you only have to rinse or swish in the toilet if you prefer. Then, simply throw the diaper in your diaper pail and launder per the manufacturer’s suggestions.

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