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Best Bottoms All-in-One Review

Best Bottoms is now offering a plethora of options in addition to their original All-in-Two design, which is loved by many. This year, the company added the Bigger Best Bottoms to the lineup, providing an additional size option for those with bigger kids or babies who may need it.
If you're interested in the original Best Bottom diapers, check out my review for some more info!


To start off, I'm not quite sure I would categorize this diaper as an all-in-one. The insert is still separate and needs to be snapped in, but there is a bamboo viscose lining inside the shell. 

Another thing to note is that the sizing is a bit larger than the original Best Bottoms, and possibly also a little larger than the Bigger Best Bottoms. I tried this diaper on both my 11-month-old and my 2-year-old. I got by with an okay fit on my baby (no leaks with a wet diaper) and an EXCELLENT fit on my toddler. (For reference, the 11-month-old wears a 2T and the 2-year-old wears a 4T/5T.)

    The bamboo insert is fairly absorbent, but it wouldn't be my go-to for a heavy wetter or overnight. However, I found that the original Best Bottoms inserts snap inside of the AIO shell perfectly - which is awesome for my toddler. In fact, I actually prefer the size of the shell with the 2-year-old and will be mixing it in with my Bigger Best Bottom rotation for him.

      If this diaper sounds like the right one for you, you can purchase it HERE. 


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