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La Petite Creme - ORIGINAL French 2-in-1 Diapering Lotion

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Want to enjoy the benefits of French diapering in the comfort of your home?
This large bottle of La Petite Creme is equipped with a convenient ONE HAND dispensing pump.
French diapering has never been so easy!
With 6 natural ingredients and no harmful chemicals, La Petite Creme is a cleanser, a protective balm and a diaper rash soother all-in-one. 
BONUS: With its vibrant gender neutral yellow color, La Petite Creme fits in every nursery decor!
Watch our Tutorial on "How to use La Petite Creme" and start French diapering today!
This 8 oz bottle usually lasts up to 3 weeks for a newborn to a 1.5 months for an older baby.


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